(rates may vary per season)

Rates for Facilities



1 person                        P1,232

2 persons                      P1,568

3 persons                      P1,904

4 persons                      P2,217


HOTEL SUITES: AC with T&B, balcony overlooking the sea, spacious

1st Floor            2nd Floor

1 person                                                P2,015              P2,532

2 persons                                              P2,532              P2,688

3 persons                                              P2,688              P3,024

4 persons                                              P3,024              P3,360

5 persons                                              P3,000              P3,640

6 persons                                              P3,360              P3,920

7 persons                                                                        P4,200

Honeymoon VIP Suite Rm 205                                      P



1.Beach Front A – Max-7 persons                                             n/a

2 bedrooms, 2 T&B,LR, Dinette, all AC

Porch, separate kitchen, room, BBQ


2.Beach Front B – Max – 8 ersons                                             P8,500

2 bedrooms, 2 T&B,LR. Dinette, all AC

Separate Eat-in kit., extra bedroom with T&B


3.Poolside A- Max-9 ersons                                                       P8,500

3 BEDROOMS, 2 t, LR, dining, all Ac


4.Poolside B – Max – 12persons                                                P10,000

3 bedrooms, 2 T&B, LR, dining, all AC

Separate kitchen with maid’s room

Driver’s room with toilet


5.Seaside Apartment – Max – 8 persons                         P8,500

2 bedrooms, 2 T&B, LR,  dining, all AC

Separate kitchen, attic, front porch with private beach area


Guest House 2nd Floor – 6,200

Max 10persons, dinette


OTHERS:              4 yrs. Below        5-15 yrs           15 yrs & above

Extra person                 Free                 P250                             P350

Extra Bed                                                P400                             P450